Business Plan – V8 (Class 8)



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…cloud will replace the PC as the “center of users’ digital lives” by 2014…

Rest in Peace, PC: 1975-2014

Interview with Managing Director (Operations) at Fund Management company (Company A)

Company A is a mid-size fund advisor company that offers investors access to investment managers who are experts in their investment disciplines, and a family of mutual funds in alternative strategies, asset allocation, core and specialty asset classes. As part of their cost restructuring, Company A is exploring cloud solutions for middle-office operations. Company’s MD-Operations is responsible for the due-diligence of selecting the right vendor (SaaS Provider).

MD mentioned that his primary concern in using cloud services is moving applications and data outside the premises is going to make them more susceptible to threats. If he decides to move to cloud, he would like know where does the data actually resides, do the legal laws protecting the data in United States also apply to data if it resides outside US?

Being a mid-size company, he also is concerned with the cost of having mid-office operations in-house versus on cloud. Company A uses applications that they pay high costs for running in-house. By using cloud providers that cost goes down significantly. Given the Risk (Security) to Reward (Reduced Cost), he feels the rewards outweigh the risks. When selecting the vendor for this services, he would go with the vendors who have proven to be secure and   already providing services to large enterprises. MD-Operations feels if cloud service provider can provide enough guarantees, he can feel secure.

When talking about the cost of secure service vs insecure service, he thinks that he would prefer choosing the secure service though will not necessarily like to know how much he is paying for encrypting the data. He would prefer to have a single billed service with encryption included in it.

Revenue Model and Market Size

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Business Plan – V7 (Class 7)


Sony division moves some services from AWS to OpenStack

Sony suffered a cyberattack last year – it has dropped Amazon Web Services